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Failures Not Only Belong to Students

KBBS Assured Pass Program

“KBBS Assured Pass Programme combines everything you need to prepare for your exams and ensure your pass at first time."

Students’ capability is not the only reason why students fail professional examinations. Failing professional exams is a combination of many factors. KBBS Campus is the pioneer institute for professional accounting and business management studies such as ACCA (UK), CA (SL), AAT (SL) and for the academic programmes such as MBA in Project Management, MBA in Insurance, MBA in HRM, Masters in Finance and BBA in Accounting. KBBS was formed by a highly qualified, competent, experienced lecturers and professionals in Sri Lanka who identified this problem and brought the final solution to make the students pass at the first sitting.

“KBBS ASSURED PASS PROGRAMME” is a perfect solution to pass your exams. It is an integrated package which is specifically designed by leading educational specialists to ensure you pass your exams at your first attempt with KBBS Campus.


Inappropriate Studying and Lecturing Techniques.

One of KBBS’s great assets is its Panel of lecturers. Our philosophy is simple; to ensure that only renowned subject specialists with industry experience are elected to teach in our courses.

Each of the KBBS’s tutors has many years of professional and lecturing experience in several professional accountancy courses and has the expertise in guiding you through your course, introducing the right amount of material at the appropriate time, and explaining difficult concepts in clear, simple terms. Their teaching orientation is focused on ensuring you passing your exams. Our tutors are proficient at keeping you motivated whilst you learn, and your lectures will be supported by first class recommended study materials.


Technical Knowledge

Both students and lecturers should have sound technical knowledge in order to pass exam comfortably. Technical Knowledge means adequate knowledge of theory the professional know how of how to apply the theoretical knowledge to the examination questions.

Most of our lecturers are not only successful at professional work place but achieved success in the education arena and also many of our lecturers are even prize winners. They are masters in the skill of applying theory to examination questions and will be very happy to teach their skills to their students.


Overcrowded Classrooms

One of the main reasons for failure of students is that the overcrowded classrooms. This leads to less interaction between the student and the lecturer; students will not be able to clear their doubts. This factor will contribute significantly to the failure of the student. At KBBS the class size is limited to 40 students. This size is maintained at any circumstance. And our lecturers are always at your service .This is the main reason why our pass rates are always high. Maintaining small class sizes enables us to focus on our students and make them pass no matter what knowledge background they come from.


Lack of Practical Knowledge

Practical knowledge is crucial for passing a professional examination and it is required from both the lecturers and their students. Practical knowledge and experience of lecturers is no less important. Lecturing for a professional course necessitates a professional work background, otherwise they cannot handle the questions in the exam hall, and neither can they provide proper service to the students who pay a significant amount to the Institute. Our lecturers have got a proven record of success in the industry and many years of work experience.

They can handle any examination questions as these represent the day-to-day challenges they face at their work place. Even students who do not have work experience need not to worry as they can absorb the practical knowledge from our lecturers. KBBS organizes corporate seminars in which students can take part to improve their practical knowledge.


Lack of Planning

One of the other reasons of failure is lack of planning. Before attempting a question, students should prepare a plan. You cannot do a question without knowing what to do, In order to know what to do, you have to first prepare a brief plan. Planning in exams makes your life easy. KBBS ASSURED PASS THEORY PROGRAMME gives a special training session for students to learn to plan.