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KBBS - Knowledge Base Business Studies Creating Employable Professional Accountants.

The school leaving phase is a critical period in the life of a student. Appropriate career planning is vital to ensure that students are well informed about career options so that they are able to understand their own capabilities and align themselves with potential future career choices.

Making the right choice depends largely on a student’s thorough knowledge of oneself as well as the work environment. Students should be cleared about their interests, values, needs, aptitudes, and abilities. The career guidance programme provides students with comprehensive career options and helps to seek avenues that match their abilities.

The KBBS Career Guidance Programme helps the students to determine on their future careers, especially advice on course duration, cost effectiveness, syllabus contents, qualification requirement or alternative path, job opportunities, skill migration opportunities, best tuition providers information etc.

One of KBBS Campus’ greatest assets is its lectures. Our philosophy is simple to ensure that only renowned subject specialists are elected to teach in our courses. We welcome your interest in the programme and invite you to explore what is unique about KBBS Campus.

Students Testimonials

  • Mr. R.Priaveen

    AAT Passed Finalist, ACCA Professional Level

    "I did my AAT at KBBS Campus while working in the finance field. As soon as I obtained the AAT Qualification; KBBS staff motivated me to follow the ACCA Programme. Since then, I have faced the exams with confidence and as a result; now I am at the final stage of ACCA. The best part about studying at KBBS Campus is that the staff will always go out of the way to help you to achieve your academic aspirations."

  • Ms. Anisha

    AAT Passed Finalist, B.Com, ACCA (Reading)

    "I did my AAT at KBBS Campus while working in the finance field. The staff at the KBBS Campus was very helpful and the dedication of the lecturers to assist my studies was so inspirational that i decided to start my ACCA at KBBS Campus. I gained some exemptions from AAT for the ACCA programme and now i am following ACCA programme at KBBS Campus."

  • Mr. Pramodh

    Multiple Subject Prize Winner & ACCA Top Affiliate), MAAT

    "I did AAT and joined KBBS Campus for my ACCA programme and the Lecturers over there were so inspiring that i was not only able to achieve a Sri Lankan prize for ACCA, today i still hold the record for being the youngest ACCA completion at the age of 19. Now, I work as a financial Analyst. Being young is not a barrier to become an accountant & KBBS is surely the right place to achieve your dream too...."

  • Ms. Aishath Hidha

    ACCA Inernational Student of KBBS Campus

    "I did my ACCA foundation in Maldives and was looking for an educational institute in Sri Lanka to continue my ACCA studies. KBBS Campus, staff were so helpful to provide all details & guided me to do all immigration procedures. In KBBS, there are no additional charges for foreign students as Sri Lankan and foreign students pay the same payments. "

  • Ms. K.Isuri

    CA Corporate Level Student of KBBS Campus

    "I joined KBBS Campus for CA Corporate Level and the lecturers were so inspiring that I was able to face the exams with confidence. The KBBS Campus staff are very dedicated and helpful to the students. Hence, it is my pleasure to recommend KBBS Campus for those students seeking to follow various Accounting Professional courses. "

  • Ms. Fathima Farhat

    CA Corporate Level Student of KBBS Campus

    "I firmly believe that KBBS Campus is the best place to accomplish your dream of becoming a Qualified Chartered Accountant. All lecturers of KBBS Campus are highly qualified and prize winners; they have guided me to excel well in my profession. It is easier to learn at KBBS Campus as their classes are group classes. Hence we receive the individual attention we require to excel in our studies."