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Message For Parents

Award Winning Tutors, Prize Winning Students on globally recognized accolades in varied Accountancy disciplines produced by KBBS – Knowledge Base Business Studies.

One of the main dilemmas that parents have to solve nowadays is how to lead their children in the correct professional education path. Unless parents choose the right professional education path for their children, they may have to pay a great price in life for wrong decisions made on the child’s future career path. Just like providing food and clothes for children is imperative, initiating them to the correct quality and results oriented channels to obtain the best professional education available is equally or more important. Without proper quality professional education, they will be restricted to lower step in the ladder of career development.

Within this background, the KBBS – Knowledge Base Business Studies stands out among others since it has been managed in the line of our inherited cultural values as well as in accordance with the modern educational methods and concepts. KBBS Campus has the most qualified and outstanding Lecturers panel of Sri Lanka. It conducts classes for every accountancy body in Sri Lanka that provides international and local examinations for students such as ACCA (UK), CA (SL) AAT (SL) and other academic programmes. The classes are conducted in simulative classroom environments with modern educational methodologies in accordance with the new trends in the professional educational field.

The Group Chairman, Mr. Thumilan ACA, ACCA , ACMA (UK), CGMA, CPA (Aus), MCSI (UK), FMAAT (SL), ACS is one of the brilliant academics in Sri Lanka who holds prestige memberships of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA-UK), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA-UK) and Chartered Certified Public Accountant of Australia (CPA-Aus). He also serves as the Chairman for the Blue Ocean Group of Companies which comprises of Blue Ocean Residencies (Pvt) Ltd., Link Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., Achievers Business Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd., Knowledge Base Business Studies (Pvt) Ltd., Knowledge Base Associates (Pvt) Ltd., Global Arena (Pvt) Ltd., Unite International (Pvt) Ltd., Blue Ocean Investment (Pvt) Ltd., Blue Ocean Global Ltd.(UK), Blue Ocean Construction & Development (Pvt) Ltd and its other subsidiary companies in the group while serving as a consultant for several well-known leading establishments in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Mr. Thumilan is a reputed educationist in Sri Lanka and abroad and through his various years of expertise in the Professional Education field, he is well aware of what are the basics as well as priorities required in running a quality professional educational institution that caters to the students as well as parents need. He also knows the mental and material problems that parents face when finding a good professional educational institution for their children. On the other hand, he has understood emphatically the disciplinary erosion in the contemporary private educational institutions and their students. Addressing to all these vital factors, he initiates and manages KBBS – Knowledge Base Business professional educational institution converting it into one of the most sought after educational institutions in Sri Lanka. Learning at KBBS is a joy because the lecturer panel is amazingly competent in teaching and highly knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. The students are provided with all the necessary materials and equipment to carry on their education uninterrupted with needed consultations on their mental problems as well.

Another avenue that KBBS addresses is the time wastage of nowadays students. As a solution, KBBS Campus provides evening classes for O/L and A/L students to face examinations conducted by aforementioned accountancy bodies in Sri Lanka. With this schedule, the students can attend school in the morning and attend the classes conducted by KBBS in the evening. By the time they pass their O/L examination, they would obtain qualification for professional careers passing one or two stages of accountancy examinations. Most parents have not realized that the period they get ready for O/L and A/L examination can be used simultaneously to provide them with professional qualifications under quality educational institutions. Even though they pass O/L and A/L examination, they have to acquire professional qualification to obtain a well-paid job. If they wait till they pass O/L and A/L and then start learning for professional career, by the time they gain such qualifications, they do not have much time for career and personal development.

The way the KBBS Campus runs its classes, the students have peace of mind to carry on their O/L and A/L education in their respective schools without any added barriers due to extra classes in the evening. In fact, they will be supported by KBBS Campus lecture panel to gain maximum results from the O/L and A/L as well.

In addition, the burden that parents having to bear about the future of their child’s higher education is less with KBBS Campus because the programmes are affordable. The KBBS can assist the parent to minimally utilize the expenditure they have to bear on their children’s higher education. The close relationship between parents and KBBS is so strong that niche for indiscipline of children attached to the institution is never heard of. Any time or day the parents can contact KBBS Campus and inquire about their children and also have discussion on their educational development and even about their personal problems as well. The number of students who come with parents to KBBS is increasing day by day. The number of students who exit from the institution with higher professional qualification is equally increasing annually. These proven facts is more than enough for you as a mother or father to put your child under KBBS wings where parental attitude towards students is enhanced and safeguarded in and out of the classrooms as well as over day and night.

Visit KBBS office at No 75, Galle Road, Dehiwala or No 281, R De Mel Mawatha, Colombo - 03 and discuss the most valuable matter in your child’s education with their extremely knowledgeable representatives. They will provide you with all the necessary information and practical help that you require to put your child in the right professional accountancy educational pathway that you dream for your son or daughter but waiting for a peer to guide you in the right directions. They are the best in the field. Our parental attitude towards your children is unique and their teaching methods are exceptional when comparing with other institutions in Sri Lanka. KBBS conduct classes to suit with every position in students’ lives. Your child is not restricted in any way to participate in their O/L or A/L studies but we will be helping them to pass them as well with Exceptional results.

The time for the decision is now and ad hoc decisions may spoil your child’s whole life. They provide you with the necessary skills and competencies to prove that they are the best. Step in and experience the difference personally today itself. You can also get further information from the KBBS website - and see yourself the accreditation and testimonials to their credit that keep KBBS in the Sri Lanka’s professional educational field at the top. It is not money that makes a person’s life brilliant, but education that uplifts present condition to the next level and to the top. If you gain that in a proper way, you will be bestowed with assets that you never dreamed of. KBBS is prepared to guide you in the path of Professional Accountancy which will create your child an Employable Professional Accountant is the promise that delivered at KBBS Campus.