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AAT – Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka

Over the past 25 years, AAT Sri Lanka has provided the country with professionally qualified and technically trained Accounting Technicians who have performed all the functions required of them, with the knowledge and expertise required for the 21st century. As it moves into its 26th year, the association is gearing itself to meet the toughest demands of a competitive and dynamic environment. Through the years of its operation, AAT has gained recognition as a body that provides both affordable and market-oriented skills as well as training for newcomers and accounting professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed. Currently AAT Sri Lanka has 36,000 registered students which is the highest number of students registered in any educational body.

AAT Sri Lanka is proud that its students have fared exceptionally well in exams both within Sri Lanka and overseas. The Institute is committed to providing students with the best education and its students have performed beyond expectations.

Today many AAT Sri Lanka members are employed in different organizations across the country both in the public and private sectors. The scope of activities of AAT Sri Lanka ranges from education to assessment and professional development. The AAT Sri Lanka does not confine its activities to merely educating and training students but also to equipping them with the soft skills needed to succeed in a competitive environment. Students are provided with career guidance, job placement, advice and direction. In addition, the Institute organizes seminars and workshops for members. This is a holistic approach with a view to producing well-rounded, middle and higher level accounting professionals, who can meet the multiple demands of their workplace with a winning streak.

The qualifications necessary to register as a student to sit for AAT Examinations are as follows:

  • 06 Passes at G.C.E. (O/L) (SL) OR
  • 05 Passes at G.C.E. (O/L) (UK) OR
  • 02 Passes at G.C.E. (A/L) (SL/UK) OR
  • 05 years of experience as an Accounts Clerk / Audit Clerk / Book-keeper / Accounts Trainee in a recognized establishment OR
  • Any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the Governing Council of AAT Sri Lanka

Total number of subjects: The total number of subjects is 14

Structure and Subjects:

1. Accounting Assistant Level (Foundation Level)

Assistant Level is the foundation of the student's path of becoming an Accounting Technician. This level sets the tone for the student's journey and is valuable for the students to set course accordingly so that they can complete their journey at their earliest.

After Ordinary Level examination, any student can enroll with Accounting Assistant level which is the pathway to professional accounting field. Our panels of lecturers devote their time and knowledge to give the best education to students. The highest pass percentage has confirmed that continuation of professional accountancy by the students.

  • AA11 – Financial Accounting Basics (FAB)
  • AA12 – Quantitative Methods for Business (QMB)
  • AA13 – Economics for Business and Accounting (EBA)
  • AA15 – Business Operations & Management (BOM)

2. Accounting Analyst Level (Intermediate Level)

Student's conceptual knowledge is developed in this level with an application oriented approach. While revisiting the existing knowledge, new wisdom is given to the students, preparing them to become associates. Once completing the Accounting Assistant level or while doing the Accounting Assistant level also, student could follow Accounting Assistant level.

KBBS Campus has the Sri Lankan’s best academic panel with highest qualifications. We have proven our success with highest number of pass rates.

  • AA21 – Advanced Financial Accounting (AFA)
  • AA22 – Cost Accounting and Reporting (CAR)
  • AA25 – Business Law and Ethics (BLE)
  • AA26 – Business Management & Strategy (BMS)

3. Accounting Associate Level (Final Level)

Setting sails to the destination, the students are tested for their ability to analyze practical situation and apply solutions well. This level's focus is to test the procedural knowledge of the student. Successful completion of Accounting Analyst level, students enable to sit for the Accounting Associate Level.

Completion of this stage will be an easiest way to initiate Chartered Accountancy and many more accounting courses. Being the market leader in AAT, we have given quality education by covering the syllabuses on time, doing mock exams as well as giving the practical knowledge of accountancy to students. The ultimate objective of KBBS Campus is to train a student to be a competent candidate in job market.

  • AA31 – Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
  • AA32 – Management Accounting and Finance (MAF)
  • AA34 – Processes, Controls, and Audit (PCA)
  • AA35 – Corporate & Personal Taxation (CPT)

4. Talent (Skills) Capstone

Excellent command in English and accounting related IT tasks are mandatory for any accounting professional in the current context. AAT verifies that the students are ready to deal with the competitive industry, adding value to all parties.

  • SS1- Effective Communication Skills (ECS)
  • SS2 – IT Skills (ITS)

When you register as an AAT student at our institute you will get access to a range of resources and support, including

  • Well-Structured Course Tutorial Materials.
  • Syllabus and Study Guides.
  • Past Exam Papers.
  • Facebook – Where You Can Network With Other Students with Free Internet Access.
  • Mock Examinations Closer To the Exam Dates.
  • Guidance and Support for Finding Relevant Work Experience.
  • Free Scholarships For Exceptionally Performing Students.
  • Free Revisions Class (Conditions Apply).

A passed finalist upon the completion of one year practical Training together with the People & Leadership skills (from 2015 July) can apply for AAT Sri Lanka membership. In order to complete the prescribed (01) year of practical training student can select either of following two schemes of training.

  • Non-monitored training (Practical Accounting Experience Record form method)
  • Monitored training (Agreement method)
  • Those who intend to follow Chartered Accountancy course of CA-Sri Lanka, scheme "b" above is recommended, because exemptions are available from CA-Sri Lanka practical training, under that scheme.